Surf City Farm

Welcome to Surf City Farm

Welcome to Surf City Farm

Welcome to Surf City FarmWelcome to Surf City Farm
Surf City Farm

Welcome to Surf City Farm

Welcome to Surf City Farm

Welcome to Surf City FarmWelcome to Surf City FarmWelcome to Surf City Farm


A little about us...

Sean & Shari , THE FARMERS


After losing their successful business, The Dirty South Bar & Grill of Topsail Beach N.C. to Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Sean & Shari had to decide what was the next chapter of their lives moving forward.

Sean has over 20 years experience in Law Enforcement and Shari has over 20 years experience in the Bar and Restaurant world so naturally that lead them to "Farming".

Wait. What ???

OK, So not so naturally. 

But the couple wanted to start a business that checked all their boxes,and farming then became the "natural" decision.

Being able to work from home,

Spending more time with family,

Producing something you're proud of,and ,

Utilizing what you already have.. 

Farming requires handwork,dedication,a passion for agriculture and LAND, lots of land.

Sean and Shari had all the necessary ingredients for a small produce farm right here in small town paradise.

Along with their son Gavin and their two dogs,Larry and Zeek, this is sure to be one crazy adventure...

You can follow the farm start up and progress here on this website.  

the Farm


Surf City Farm is a 10.5 acre farm,nestled in the peaceful woodlands of Surf City N.C. 

A seaside paradise on the mainland to Topsail Island,

Our goal is to offer fresh picked and locally grown N.C  produce to local residents and businesses . 

Some of our crops will be soil grown and some will be raised "hydroponically"

{without soil}.

Hydroponics will allow us to offer our crops all year long,rather that in the limited growing seasons for each crop.

You can read more about Hydroponics in the "Hydroponics" section on this site .

The farm is currently in its beginning stages,we are still clearing land to prepare for greenhouse buildings.

Our goal is three large greenhouses.

You can follow our updates and progress as it happens on this site.

our products


Surf City Farm aims to produce quality crops that are locally grown and picked at the peak of freshness. As anyone who has bought big box retail produce locally knows,"if you don't eat it in a day or two it goes bad". That's because their produce and goods are shipped from around the world,transferred from truck to truck,ship,train,plane..however they can get it there..that can be a lengthy process. Basically,your food is in travel mode during its peak ripeness stage,OR picked before it ripens and allowed to ripen in a truck on it's delivery route.

You can trust our freshness.

Aside form our local residents and customers,Surf City Farm will  offer our products to local businesses ,providing your customers a quality local product will certainly improve sales and guest counts.

 If there is an item  you need specially grown for you...a rare vegetable or herb....please feel free to contact us .

Surf City Farm will offer a variety of options for our products,from

Farmers Markets

Roadside Stands

Business delivery

Emergency Business delivery

Weekly bulk box memberships,

and down the road ...Our own on site barn shop.

Our Plan


What happens to all the unsold produce?

Surf City Farm will also offer some homemade goodies produced right on the farm. Jams Jellies,Salsas.

Surf City Farm is also happy to donate to our local food banks providing produce to compliment the non-perishable inventory.

and of course we will feed the deer,turkeys and other wildlife on our property. 

(until we get our own chickens)



Check out our events section to see where we are and where we will be. You can also check our facebook page for future events,plans and dates.

Currently we are still in the building phase and have no product or produce to sell....but we're excited to move on forward and get things going .

Regular updates will be posted in our BLOG section as we journey into farmer life ,and aim to bring great fresh market produce to you.

Hydroponics ?


 In a nut shell,hydroponics is growing crops in water rather than soil.

 Plants don't need dirt/soil to grow,they only need the nutrients and chemicals in the dirt/soil.

By planting from seed into the hydroponic system, plants are given their nutrients directly through the water in the system. Chemicals are added regularly to feed the plants. Don't let the word "chemicals" scare you, added nutrients are the same as already found in all ground soil ,even the oxygen they need is a chemical and that is also delivered to them in the water.

What makes hydroponics so popular really varies on the individual using the system. Some people use hydroponics to grow more crops in a limited space,since required nutrients are delivered directly to the plant,spacing and soil content is not as important. Pesticides are not usually needed since plants are not directly in the ground and do not come into contact with most plant destroying pests,thus producing a cleaner and greener product. Greenhouse hydroponics also allows you to grow crops all year,while monitoring the inside greenhouse temps to mimic ideal weather .

Hydroponic crops tend to grow a larger and faster product from the crop. Plant roots require a lot of energy to push through soil, in hydroponics the roots are free, allowing the plant's energy to be better spent on production of its bounty. Below are some links on hydroponics

where to find us

we will post our produce stand locations and times here as they become available


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CREATE website


Happy Fathers Day



Happy Fathers Day


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Surf City Farm

190 Northern Escape Way, Hampstead, North Carolina 28443, United States


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